Agnes Fatrai
Faulhaberstr. 6a
D-82515 Wolfratshausen
Tel. (08171) 488 54 76
mobil (0172) 80 89 860
Fax (08171) 488 54 78

Translation services (Chinese to German and English to German)

I am a state-certified translator with more than 25 years of professional experience working as a freelance translator. I offer translations of specialised texts from Chinese into German and from English into German.

I focus on translations of texts in the following specialised fields:

  • Patent Law: pharmaceutical and technical patents - patent specifications, patent claims
  • Medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine) and veterinary medicine
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Natural sciences: biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics
  • Botany, agriculture

Certified translations (Chinese to German)

As a publicly appointed and sworn translator for the Chinese language I am authorised to certify the texts I translate for you: birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic certificates and other official documents (Chinese to German).

About me

  • State Certified Translator of the Chinese Language, publicly appointed and sworn, sworn at the Regional Court I (Landgericht I) of Munich
  • Translation studies at the Professional College of Translation and Interpreting Munich (Sprachen- und Dolmetscherinstitut München): Chinese, English
  • State exam Chinese translation
  • Since 1992 freelance translator of the Chinese and English languages
  • Translations for the specialist journal "Chinesische Medizin" on a regular basis
  • Co-editor and co-author of several specialist books on TCM